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Roddy Ellias 

Bashir Faramarzi 

Zal Sissokho

Javi Jimenez
Ming Zhang
Ricky Laurent
Marty Ballentyne
Steve Groves
Antoine Doré
David Charette
J-P Goupil
Simon Drolet
Robert Poisson
Julian Geistefer
Stephane Couolombe
Hugues Drouin
Peter Storznecker

Mr. Rubber Finger
Ed Lister, trumpet
Yves Lacoursière, Sax

Flamenco dance Marion Joncas

Swing dancers Olivier Henchiri and Jacinthe Gauthier- Hudon

Drummers Vincent Boudreau/Mike McNeil

Bassists Chris St- Louis and Jerome Tremblay

Violinist Philippe Lemieux/François Ouimet


Guitars Technicians Fortin Guitars and Deuce Guitars

Carl Therrien Bériault

Sound engineer François Peloquin

Stage Manager Mathieu Peloquin

Projectionist Simon Coulombe

Lighting, Benoit Brunet- Poirier, Caroline Robillard, Francois Mainville

Decors Robert Poisson

Costumes and Accessories Lyne, Richard et Pat Servant, Suzie Mongeon  Communications Advisor Richard Lebel

Montion graphics Dimitri Gagnon- Morris

Paintings by Stéphane Lévesque


Original idea Patrice Servant

ES Productions


Ricky Laurent
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Capture d’écran 2012-08-17 à 19.35.49_
Mr. Rubber Finger
Capture d’écran 2012-08-17 à 19.34.35.
Ming Zhang
Capture d’écran 2012-08-17 à 19.20.09_edited.png
Marion Joncas
Capture d’écran 2012-08-17 à 19.36.07_
Capture d’écran 2012-08-17 à 20.02.40.png 2013-9-13-0:58:41
Julian Geistefer
David Charette

Additional support material

Please clic on respective project below.

Most of our collaborations for the submitted grants projects are established collaborations, with approved verbal/written/chat consent.

In short, the meaning of this is we try to avoid calling a collaborator and say : ''unfortunately the project has not been funded and we have to cancel'', which could deteriorate relationships and trust with particular collaborators.

Please consider, as we create and perform with various projects, we try to maximize our energy while making efficient use of our relationships with collaborators. As well, depending on the stature of a collaborator, asking for paperwork is not always simple or respectful to them unless a confirmed work and pay opportunity is guaranteed, as all professional propositions should be. Artists need to be recognized for their value and in no way we can create a collaborative bond if we operate as if they would be replaceable or negotiable.

Our past accomplishments demonstrate our proficiency to collaborate with frequently new artists abroad and throughout Canada supporting our capacity to accomplish a project.

If a grant gets confirmed, we will definitely provide all documents requested by juries and grant officers. Having something real to offer a collaborator makes a huge difference in professional relationships and their ability to get involved.

We hope you can find sense in our values, hoping to encourage a more artistic and realistic way of managing future grants.

Finally, we hope our previous accomplishments shown on this website demonstrateour ability to accomplish and respect our collaborators.

We thank youfor your precious time and we are honored by your interest regarding our project; We deeply appreciate your attention and hope you'll find sufficient info regarding the proposed project.

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